Technology basis of MTAM-HFA

The MTAM-HFA is based on the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) developed technique known as the Hollow Fiber Assay (HFA). We introduce a new component known as the Microtube Array Membrane (MTAM) which consists of a whole host of beneficial microstructures which are patented. The combination of tumor cells (primary/cell line) which can be solid or non-solid, which are then siphoned into the lumens of the MTAMs; fused and subcutaneously implanted into the backs of Balb/C mice. Anti-cancer drugs (small molecule, protein, immunotherapy, cell therapy*) are administered accordingly and the entire test can be completed within 14 days.


With MTAM/Select, oncologist/patients can choose to test their tumor samples against several probable anti-cancer drugs. Tumor samples would be encapsulated within our MTAM and subcutaneously implanted into Balb/c mice and anti-cancer drugs would be administered. Results are based on the well established MTT assay and made available within a practical time frame of 10-20 days; enabling oncologist to administer the  correct treatment on the very first time.


MTAM/Trial  empower drug developer by pre-identification of susceptible patients segments for their respective lead drug candidate before any clinical trials are conducted. With this empowerment, drug developers can selectively conduct clinical trial against a particular susceptible patient segment, thereby significantly increasing the odds of successfully passing the clinical trials


MTAM/Select, originally develop to assist drug developers as a form of high-throughput, rapid and reliable screening solution for the vast quantity  of candidate compounds, which are often encountered during the pre-clinical development phase. Combined with unprecedented translatability and  cost savings; significantly benefits a broad range of drug developers from academia based to pharmaceutical titans

Benefit(s) of our services

Ultra rapid and practical timeframe

Our unique MTAM-HFA technique is capable of delivering unprecedented short test cycle of 10-20 days; primarily due to the elimination of the need to pre-establish a 1 cm tumor before any tests.

Backed by solid science

Our novel MTAM-HFA is based on the hollow fiber assay technique developed by the US National Cancer Institute as a rapid anti-cancer drug screening platform

Marriage made in heaven

Our MTAMs are a novel new class of hollow fibers which consist of ultra-thin, homogenously porous, one-to-one connected in an arrayed formation, sub-micron fibers. These unique microstructures significantly increase the test sensitivity of the original US NCI developed HFA process by significant margins

Excellent outcome translatability

Through the combination of patient derived tumor cells (or cell lines), anti-cancer drugs (small molecule, protein, chemotherapy and immunotherapy) and the MTAM-HFA technique; promises to deliver unprecedented translatability of outcome which would significantly reduce the overall cost, time and risk of cancer treatment and drug development

Universal tester

The basis of our MTAM-HFA offer unprecedented flexibility of application, allowing you to screen solid/non-solid/rare tumor against a broad range of drug classes including but not limited to small molecule, protein, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and novel new experimental treatments