I am interested. What's next?

At MTAMTech, we believe every customer is unique. We pride ourself in providing excellent customer services through understanding needs of each customer. Therefore, please drop us a message and we will revert to you for a detailed discussion within the shortest possible time

What form(s) are your products sold in?

Our products are sold in the form of the MTAM as a standalone product to entire complete screening service. Depending on your needs, you might need to provide us with your internally developed compound for screening (for drug developers) or you can easily screen commercially available anti-cancer drugs available in the market (medical professionals/patients)

 What are the pricing of your products?

As the needs and demands of each solution(s) differs between customers, our pricing are based on the extent and the complexity of the solution. One thing for sure is, maintaining a reasonable pricing while delivering the maximum possible benefits and value to our customers are central to our pricing policy

I am a faculty member/student. Do you engage in collaborative research projects?

Collaborative researches are central to the research and development policy in MTAMTech. Therefore, should you be interested in any part of our products, regardless whether it is for these applications (as outlined) or other, we will be EXTREMELY interested to hear from you.