Our Credo

At MTAMTech Corporation, we believe in delivering highly accurate and cost effective solution that are backed with strong science for the benefit of our customers. Combined with our believe of constant development in our technology and the goal of making this world a better place for all; we strive to deliver solutions that not only benefit but also empower our users to achieve a better life

Our Story

MTAMTech Corporation, a technology spin-off of Taipei Medical University. Established in 2016 with Professor Chen and a team  of highly specialized technical members, we established our office at the Nangang Biotech Incubation Center. Ever since, we have grown into a company offering novel membrane based solutions for a wide range of industrial application

Meet the Team

Nick Wu, EMBA

Vice President

Sales and Marketing

30 years senior management experience in several multinational medical & healthcare companies (Managing Director, MedScience LLC; Country Manager, Terumo; CEO, Gambro Asia-Pacific; President; and Quality System Control InC)

Jack Chen, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


Faculty member of the College of Biomedical Engineering, Taipei Medical University. Published over 80+ SCI peer reviewed papers with 20+ International and domestic IPs and 10+ industry-academia research co-orperation


Coming Soon

Meet the Team

Lai JK, PhD


Cancer Research and Development/Business development

Highly experienced cancer biologist with focus in molecular, cell biology and diseased animal model.  5 years experience in Post-Doctoral roles in leading scientific research and development center. One of the key developers of the MTAM-Hollow Fiber Assay technique.

Nigel Chew, PhD**


Technical Engineering/Research & Development/Marketing

7 years experience in Sales of financial products in leading bank in South East Asia and 4 years experience in MARCOM (IOT division) covering the APAC region in leading US based microchip manufacturer. Graduate of TMU in Biomedical Engineering and currently perusing PhD in the MTAM development

Sandy Huang, MSc

Team Lead

Technical Engineering/Research & Development

One of the original members whom worked on the MTAM-Hollow Fiber Assay  technique. Graduate of Taipei Medical University with vast experience in MTAM development, cells study, high value fermentation