Based on the hollow fiber assay (HFA) developed by the  USNational Cancer Institute (NCI), and combined with the novel Microtube Array Membrane (MTAM) delivers anti-cancer drug solutions for personalized cancer treatment and commercial anti-cancer drug R&D. Our screening range of services brings unprecedented accuracy and translatability, at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional screening solutions.



Next generation rapid and reliable anti-cancer drug screening platform for Personalized Medicine

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High throughput, extremely rapid, excellent translatability and cost effective candidate drug molecule screening platform for your drug research and development 

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High translatability and rapid screening of target patient segment identification for your lead candidate drug

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Latest News


B2MC Taiwan-Top Ten finalist & Innovex 2019- Taiwan Innovation Award. An extremely successful event this year! And we are featured on

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)  Annual Meeting 2019 @ Atlanta, Georgia, USA

An extremely successful participation of AACR 2019 with excellent exposure of our novel MTAM based HFA for anti-cancer drug screening. 


We are now on the evening news (Taiwan Daai news channel) in Taiwan! View on to understand our novel MTAM based hollow fiber assay technology; and how it is helping cancer patients